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current series

Stories From Jesus

Stories told by Jesus have  incredible truth, and we will find it this summer.

August 31  “Does He Have Our Attention Yet?”  Luke 14:25-33  Jesus told stories of challenge as well as comfort. This one is about you and me as disciples and followers  (message mp3 here)

August 24  “Do More Than Just RSVP”  Luke 14:15-24  Rev. Charlie Northrop visits us again and brings us to that great party parable of the wedding banquet.  (message mp3 here)

August 17  “The Parable of the Good Samaritan”  Luke 10:25-37  Mr. Mike Mason gives us great insights into ourselves and our spiritual perspectives using Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan  (message mp3 here)

August 10  “Be A Master Builder”  Matthew 7:24-29  Rev. Don Joel returns and presents on being a master builder in our spiritual lives. (message mp3 here)

August 3  “A Full Life”  Matthew 12:38-50  The Bible always tells us to replace something evil with something good, never just be empty. Our spiritual life needs the same treatment. (sorry – no recording)

July 27  “Don’t Waste the Opportunity”   Luke 13:1-9  When God saves and welcomes us, God also expects us to live into His Mission for the world Jesus came to rescue.  (sorry – no recording)

July 20  “Not My Job”   Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43  The story of the wheat and the weeds helps us know how to handle some difficult situations in congregational life together. (message mp3 here)

July 13  “Don’t Give Up”  Matthew 13:1-23  The story of the “Farmer and the Seeds” is famous, but may have a different point than is commonly thought. He tells us don’t give up. (message mp3 here)

July 6  “The Pre-Requisite For Grace”  Luke 18:9-14  The Bible is very clear- there is one sin and attitude that God hates most, and that separates us from Him. We consider this issue today (message mp3 here)

Every Day Is Important

Jesus tells his followers (us if we are believers) that we are to live in such a way the people we encounter will KNOW it is not us, but it is God. This series examines the Bible’s guidance and wisdom for living this way.



June 29  “Safe and Sure Footing”  Psalm 121  Today we receive encouragement and confidence as we encounter what this Psalm writer tells us about God’s continual care and protection for us.  (message mp3 here)

June 22  “Shining  Here and Now”  Philippians4:12-16  The role of followers of Jesus is to live as “lights” and demonstrators of the transforming work His Spirit does in our lives every day. (message mp3 here)

June 15  Men’s Day at Pathway  “A Life Full of Light”  Genesis 37-30  The story of Joseph in the Old Testament is given to us and a great example of living as a light on a hill. (message mp3 here)

June 8  “Living Beyond It All”  Philippians 4:4-9  Because we belong to Jesus, we can live with more joy and less anxiety than others. It’s not because Jesus plays favorites and treats His followers better, but that we trust His action and guidance. (message mp3 here)

June 1 “Keeping My Mind on What Matters”  Philippians 4:1-9  Keeping my perspectives and reflections properly focused creates a great difference in how I life and think. (message mp3 here)

May 25 “So God is Praised” Matthew 5:14-24  Jesus’ instructions to believers is very radical — so radical that living this way will clearly point to God.   (message mp3 here)

May 18  “Beyond Net-Zero Living”  Matthew 5:13-16  Net-zero living is leaving behind as much as you take, but most of us want to live far better than that. And here is what Jesus tells up about that. (message mp3 here)

May 11  Women’s Day at Pathway “The Rest of the Image of God”  Luke 10:38-42 & Galatians 3:26-29  It’s time to remind ourselves why we are so insistent that God calls for total equality and opportunity between the genders.  (message mp3 here)

May 4  “Finding Hope in Everyday Suffering”  2 Corinthians 1:1-7  If we are going to be living examples of God’s great work, how we handle tough times and suffering must be different than those without the hope of Christ  (message mp3 here)

April 27  “Finding Significance at Work Beyond the Dollar”  Genesis 1:26-31  So much of our life involves the workplace or other “main” activities. The way we live this huge block of our lives must point to God and God’s great work in us.  (message mp3 here)

Upcoming Events


Fall Concert
October 3
Friday evening

 Featuring Tibor Horvath on violin

PCC musicians led by Redo Concepcion

An evening of great music, good friends, and a beautiful start to the weekend

CROP Promo 2014

 2014 CROP Walk
September 2
at  Central Park
2pm start time

“Raising funds and awareness to defeat world and local hunger”

Contact Jan Breen for more info

Sign up to walk and donate at 2014  Fremont CROP Walk website here

Lifetree Cafe – Fremont

“An hour of stories and conversation that feeds the soul”
Tuesdays, 7:00p
Meets at City Beach, Fremont, upstairs
Check out our FB page for current topics
Or learn more about Lifetree Cafe

Recently Accomplished in “50 Ways to Love Your Neighbor”

In August: 50 feet of paper for Cabrillo School

Current: Rice and Beans Day #8- July 13

7-6-14: “Sock it to Summer”  270 pairs of socks donated to SAVE residence for family members housed there escaping domestic violence.

7-1-14: Pathway Microlending Team passed 1000 loans through KIVA!!

6-10-14: Current Pathway Microlending Totals through KIVA – $28,750 given in 979 loans!

2-9-14: Cases of Soup for SAVE on “Souper Bowl” Sunday

1-19-14: Rice and Beans Day #7

1-12-14: Clean Water for Burma – over $1000

11-25-13: 15 Thanksgiving dinners complete with extras for Compassion Network effort

10-22-13: 22 Pathway people worked for ABODE services on “Make a Difference Day”

8-17-13: 15 fully equipped backpacks for Compassion Network “Back to School” project

6-30-13: Rice and Beans Day #6

4-21-13: CROP Walk“Raising Awareness and Funds to Defeat Hunger Locally and in the World”  5 congregations, 180+ walkers, $6800 raised, Centerville Free Dining Room receives the local portion.

3-24-15: 10 Easter Dinners contributed to Compassion Network’s Easter Dinner Give Away to under resourced families

2-23-13: Community Impact Day – Newark Jr Hi Make-Over – 17 Pathway people part of the 150 plus work crew and effort.

Feb, 2013: Leggo Your Eggos – 133 dozen eggs received and delivered to Tri-City Free Breakfast

Jan, 2013: Clean Water Project for Thailand and Burma – $1500 Given

11-11-12: Rice and Beans #5 AND KIVA milestones: over $15,000 loaned in over 500 loans by Pathway Micro-Lending team

10-27-12: Make a Difference Day – Pathway sorts and cleans bricks for Central Park (video above)

9-23-12: Items for SAVE residence (people seeking shelter from domestic violence)  Delivered: 2 months worth paper towels, toilet paper, size 3 and 4 diapers, laundry detergent PLUS 50+ Towel and washcloth sets for families to take with them when they leave the shelter.
4-29-12: CROP Walk #5: 5 congregations, 160 walkers, $7000 plus (video here)
2-12-12: $10,000 loaned through KIVA by Pathway Micro-Lending team (currently 38 members, 403 loans, $12,600 loaned)
2-12-12: 100 pints of blood donated (currently at 146)
1-22-12 – Rice and Beans #3
1-15-12 – $1145 for Clean Water Project in Burma (long distance neighbors)

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